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General information about ombre eyebrows.?


How to make up the eyebrows in shaded technique?

We tell you how to create natural gradient eyebrow makeup and what tools you need to do it. Now fashion the most natural brows. Maybe not an ideal shape, maybe not the most symmetrical, but a shape that looks as natural as possible. In fact, today in the market of decorative cosmetics you will find many products that allow you to achieve this effect on parted hair, as well as masks and gels that allow you to texturize and fix the hair with the good technique. For natural coloring, whether permanent or make-up, the best technique is ombré, and in this document we want to talk about it in more detail.


Ombre eyebrow tinting is an option for those who like natural makeup and don’t want to drastically change the natural shape of their eyebrows. The main secret is to find the right shade. If everything is done well, the eyebrows will look natural, but the curve will be more expressive, and the shape will be neat. It is because of its maximum natural effect that this technique has become so popular.

How to create a gradient effect on the eyebrows?

To begin, we will understand how to make a color gradient in the eyebrows.

1. With makeup

Makeup is the easiest and cheapest way to draw a brow bone. You can choose a product that you feel comfortable working with at home: Lipstick, pencil or eyeshadow, for example. And with your help, you can set the accents just the way you want. But it is necessary to repeat the process every day.

2. Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup with the ombré technique is very popular. The effect is guaranteed for several years, so you don’t have to waste time putting on makeup. But this option also has its drawbacks. It is very difficult to find a teacher who knows this technique. A color gradient in the eyebrows for a natural look. If the result does not meet your expectations, it is very difficult to correct anything, and allergic reactions to the pigments used during the procedure are not uncommon.

3. Dye

Eyebrow tinting or henna is absolutely painless.. You will need to wait a few minutes for the pigment to harden. Then the teacher will remove it with cotton. In profile, it looks like your natural eyebrow color, but they appear lighter and more expressive. The master will choose the shade based on the specifics of your appearance and preferences.


The easiest way to choose a shade for eyebrow products is based on your hair color. Brunettes should choose a color that is a few shades lighter than their hair color, while blondes should choose a few shades darker. Please consider your color type. If you have warm skin, your eyebrow pencil or eye shadow should also be warm in tone. The eyebrow pencil should not be too dark for fair skin. Exceptions are girls with intense black hair and porcelain skin. If you want to experiment, look for eyebrow pencils, tints, and gels.

What brushes do I need for ombre brow makeup?

Ombre eyebrows

You need at least one synthetic, thin, angled brush. These brushes are very versatile: in the future, they can be used not only for eyebrow makeup, but also, for example, for drawing arrows and styling your eyebrows. You can easily find these accessories on the online store with high quality and the most affordable prices.

Who is suitable and who is contraindicated?

Ombre makeup is only beautiful if the eyebrows are well maintained. Therefore, it is important not to forget to correct them in time and treat them with oils. Makeup artists believe that the color gradient can be created on eyebrows of any shape and size. However, this technique is best suited for medium-width eyebrows. Those with thin “strings” should avoid this type of makeup, as it is almost invisible. If the eyebrows are too wide, the ombré will attract even more attention.

Treatments in beauty salons

Not every master can perform eyebrow shading in a beauty salon. Therefore, when visiting the salon, it is worth checking whether the specialist has ever used the gradient technique for coloring hair.

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