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Lose weight: the new tuna diet allows you to lose 4 kilos in 3 days .?


How can you check this rice diet It is very simple to perform, maybe a little monotonous, therefore, its duration should not exceed a week because in the long term we would miss many nutrients in our body. It’s a crash diet that makes weight loss easier .

This diet provides virtually no fat, only the small portion that comes from natural canned tuna. The tuna rice diet is designed to lose up to 3 pounds in 6 days , so you have to be consistent and have a clear goal.

The rice diet, as we can see, is essentially based on tuna and rice, two ingredients with fantastic properties for weight loss. . Two foods that go together perfectly and they can help you shed those extra pounds.

 If you do it strictly, it will allow you to lose about 3 pounds in just 6 days.

If you are determined to put this diet plan into practice, you will need to have a healthy state of health, drink as much water as possible daily, use natural tuna, flavor your infusions with sweetener, and season your foods with salt and a minimal olive oil. You must repeat the menu detailed below each day that you make the plan.


Most of the time we consume canned natural tuna, a food that belongs to the group of canned fish. Its properties and benefits are multiple, it brings us vitamin B3, for 100 grams it gives us about 19 mg.

Thanks to its large amount of protein, it is a very valuable food for the most athletic, moreover, in childhood, adolescence or pregnancy, its consumption is highly recommended.

In addition, it helps lower cholesterol, fight diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or tinnitus.

?White rice or brown rice

Complete rice

Rice is one of the world’s staple foods , in many cultures it is eaten daily. For our rice diet, both can be eaten without issue, however, brown rice offers greater benefits to the body .

Provides more fibre , more minerals and improves bowel activity. It prevents various diseases and purifies the body. In fact, brown rice contains more protein than white rice.

If you have no health problems, this diet can be carried out normally . You must drink plenty of water to properly purify the body and all its toxins. We must use natural tuna, if we want to sweeten something, use natural sweeteners, season food with the least amount of salt and only use one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil per day.


In the gym we exercise to change the state of our physical appearance, we want to lose weight and shape our figure. To grow our muscles and the truth is that this diet is indicated to manage to tone the muscles without problems.

Most people use a lot of sports accessories but it is not necessary because with tuna and rice we are going to supplement our muscles very well because for muscle growth we need an extra protein and create muscle fibers.

From tuna we highlight not only the large amount of protein it only contains omega 3 fatty acids, which is very good for the heart, reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, and is also an ally for a good neuronal and articular functioning.

We can consume it in a thousand ways , we find it fresh or canned. It is advisable that if we consume it in cans, it is natural, not pickled or in oil, since in this way we will obtain all its properties and the industrially added fats will modify our rice-based diet.

Half a cup of white rice has 103 calories and half a cup of brown rice has 108 .

 Eating white rice makes you fat?

White rice

When we feel heavy it is normal to feel the need to lose a few pounds, we usually do this by increasing the hours of weekly exercise and controlling our eating habits.

We usually deprive ourselves of high carbohydrate foods, like white rice, but the truth is that the body needs carbohydrates for proper physical functioning.

Carbs Help You Feel Full For longer, it’s even been claimed that carbs also help break down fat.

Among the benefits of white rice, it is a complex carbohydrate, this means that it allows the body to take longer to burn the calories consumed at that time.

White rice is characterized by starch Therefore, it is very useful for cases of diarrhea, since it is a very industrialized food, this type of rice contains much less nutrients than its varieties.

It is important to keep in mind that rice has the property of absorbing and retaining water , so do not overcook it because the rice can remain very soft.

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