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these mistakes we make when thinking about losing weight.?


Rushing on the mixed salads

Vegetables and raw vegetables can’t make you fat! In any case, that’s what we think when eating only mixed salads, either made by us, in salad bars or ready-made in the supermarket. Except that everything depends on what you put in this famous salad and especially on the dose of sauce that you put in it.

To give you an idea, the chicken parmesan salad with garlic and herb croutons, Caesar sauce from Monoprix has 348 calories, including 24g of fat. Sodebo ‘s Roma Salad is 563 calories. In comparison, a steak and fries (with oven fries), 100g of fries, 100g of steak (so the same total weight as the salad), is 303 calories. Without sauce. Let’s add 20 grams of ketchup for fun, or 22 calories and we arrive at 325 calories. Either always less than mixed salads. In short, it is sometimes better to eat a steak and fries than a more treacherous mixed salad.

It’s still a good idea if:

Skip the cheeses in the salad (parmesan and mozzarella are high in calories) and opt for vegetables and raw vegetables and not starches. We say yes to lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, hearts of palm, artichokes, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, carrots. We take it easy (just one portion) on corn, rice, avocado. Skip cheeses, olives (especially black ones) or even croutons. For proteins, we are content with a single source (no egg + chicken salad for example). We allow ourselves to choose: diced shoulder, chicken breast, tuna, slices of bacon, ham… Of course, we avoid bacon, which is very fatty.

For the sauce, we are satisfied with a spoon of olive oil or better camelina, and half of vinegar. At best, we season our salad with lemon juice. In salad bars, you rarely have a choice on the amount of sauce. The good idea: we ask for the sauce on the side and we season ourselves.

To skip a meal

We often note this great idea that to lose weight, you have to stop eating. In truth, it is for dying that it is a good idea. To lose weight is to eat. Eat well, varied and balanced, but certainly not stop absorbing any nutrient. Certainly, on the spot, you will lose, but you will not lose well. This creates deficiencies, ties your stomach and above all: your body will store at the next meal.

Indeed, your metabolism, persuaded to be put on a diet, will want to make reserves to store the things it needs for its proper functioning. Instead of digesting your meal normally, it will all go to the reserves. Suddenly, skipping a meal produces the opposite effect than the one desired.

The 10 Essentials of FastGoodCuisine (wok, penetrating oil and coffee)

Even if you’re not hungry, have a small meal: fruit, a small salad of grated carrots… But don’t stay on an empty stomach.

It’s still a good idea if:

No, it’s really not a good idea. If you want to make a “diet” meal, we advise you, rather than skipping it completely, to only eat liquid foods: soups or juices. Or eat a fruit salad. In short, something very light, but something nonetheless. And preferably, make this meal in the evening.

Make a mono-diet

Ah, that good friend Patrick who assures you that the pineapple diet (also works with cabbage, 100% protein, apples, etc.) is really super effective. He only ate this for 1 week and lost 3 kg. Yes Patrick, but what happens the next 3 weeks? The body, in a situation of deficiency, stores as much as it can. To lose on a one-time basis, it works. For a long-term diet, it’s nonsense. And above all: it is extremely boring to always eat the same thing. You are likely to fall for sweets or fatty foods much more easily than by feeding yourself in a normal and pleasant way. Eating should remain a pleasure, even if you are on a diet

We only do this mono-diet for one day. This limits the damage. But it is better to eat varied and balanced in the end.

Do a detox juice cure

If you want to lose weight by absorbing detox juices , you are on the wrong track. These juices are made to cleanse the body, clean it, but in no way to lose weight. A cure can be a good starter to go on a diet, but in general during a detox cure we do not lose weight, or very little and we take it back afterwards. Eating liquids aims to put the stomach to rest and allow it to work less during digestion. Worse, based on 5 juices a day, you will absorb 5 liters of liquid. During the cure, you may even take a few grams and feel bloated (and we tell you this from experience).

We use a detox juice cure as the first step in a slimming diet, or as a break in the diet. But it’s not a diet as such.

Follow a super strict diet

Being satisfied with 800 calories a day is certainly very effective, but it is not sustainable over time. Even if you have an iron will. No matter what, a plan should allow deviations from time to time. Eating once a week the dish that makes you happy is important in the slimming process. It allows you not to fall for high-calorie things and ensures you reconnect with the feeling of happiness linked to food.

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