after cataract surgery

What are the rules to follow after cataract surgery.?


Have you just had cataract surgery ? COF surgeons invite you to carefully follow these instructions:

Is there a bandage to wear?

Your eye patch should only be worn on the day of the procedure.

You leave the operating room and the establishment with a bandage on the operated eye. This was performed under sterile conditions at the end of the operation. You can remove it the next morning and won’t have to put it back on. Your eye can stay exposed. Moreover, if the dressing were to come off a few hours after your return home , don’t panic: you can also spend the first night without a dressing.

Are there any treatments to instill?

Postoperative eye drops should be instilled daily.

A prescription was sent to you at the end of the pre-operative consultation, to allow you to pick up your eye drops at the pharmacy. We invite you to respect the order, the doses and the treatment durations listed on the prescription.

When can you resume normal physical activity?

You must rest the days following the procedure.Tinkering, carrying heavy loads, gardening.From putting your head in the water, going to the swimming pool..To practice a physical activity at risk of ocular trauma. What are the signs that should not worry you?Vision imperfect, blurred; Unusual tearing of the operated eye;Moderate eye redness;

Superficial pain if moderate. What are the signs that should lead you to consult us urgently?Persistent veiling sensation, appearance of flying flies ;Pronounced eye redness;If you have any of these symptoms, we invite you to call our standard ( ) during the day and on weekdays. Otherwise, you can also go to one of our offices, without an appointment. Outside of our opening hours, call the establishment (Clinic or Hospital Center) in which you had your operation. COF surgeons organize on-call duty to take care of their patients in this type of situation.

 What to do with your glasses in the immediate aftermath of the operation?

After the operation, your glasses are no longer suitable. Indeed, the intraocular implant is corrective. Your needs are changing in ways that are quite expected. Several solutions are available to you:

You can continue to wear your old glasses. Even unsuitable, they do not damage your eye.

You can also wear no corrections until post-operative checks are done.

You can also have a neutral lens fitted to your frame by contacting your optician.

The best solution is the one that will provide the most comfort. You do not risk compromising the result of the intervention, whatever your choice.

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